With initial staging work on Act One almost complete, the morning session concludes the ‘first look’ at the end of the act, finishing the  staging and character moments up to the interval (when Davie is ship-wrecked).
This presents the opportunity to ‘run’ Act One in full in order to get a first sense of the overall shape of the act.  To consider what aspects are finding their mark, and which areas need additional clarity of intent.  It also allows a first glimpse into a running time.  This ‘first walk trough’ is important not because it reflects the likely end-point, but because it provides an opportunity for the acting company to begin to piece together the arc of their character journey and to find where to pitch the character emotionally.
The first walk-though goes well, but does also throw up a new creative challenge – the passage of time within the story is hard to interpret for an audience.  In the novel, the passage of time is extensive – some three months in total.  Establishing this kind of precise time structure is more difficult on stage and there is a sense in which the pure pace of the production (act one running time approx 50 mins) might mean that the time-passage is less clear, that everything seemingly happens ‘all at once’.
Further work on establishing the passage of time, and therefore the extensive scope of the play, will be needed.

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