Adapted from the original Robert Louis Stevenson novel

“I set off upon my journey to the House of Shaws.  I will begin the story of my adventures with a certain morning early in the year of grace 1751…”

Forged from the fury of the Jacobite rebellion, Stevenson’s classic novel Kidnapped recounts the captivating adventure of young Davie Balfour’s astonishing journey across the lochs and glens of old Scotland as he fights to right the wrongs done by his scheming Uncle of the House of Shaws.

A host  of memorable characters from the swaggering Jacobite Alan Breck to the infamous Red Fox, ship-wrecks, battles, murder, false accusations, and a final deadly pursuit all combine to tell an evocative tale of intrigue, with a vivid language capturing the beauty of the Scottish landscape.

Building upon their growing reputation as an exciting force in Scottish theatre Cumbernauld Theatre’s production captures the true spirit of this exciting Scottish Swashbuckler, bringing the passion of Stevenson’s original story to life onstage with a sensational theatrical flair.

This world premiere production by Cumbernauld theatre will tour the Highlands and Lowlands throughout April and May.  Suitable for all ages